Procurement portal

VenuesLive is responsible for the delivery of certain operational supply and procurement functions under its management and services agreements with venue owners.

VenuesLive encourages competition for all major procurement functions through a standardised procurement and tendering process. We perform a comparative analysis of all relevant costs and benefits for each purchasing proposal over the life of the purchase, based on agreed criteria. We are also committed to ensuring that all of our procurement processes are conducted in an accountable, transparent and ethical manner to ensure we secure the best operational and commercial supply arrangements for our venue owners.

Our processes and policies are aligned with the accepted procurement standards and rules set in place by our venue owners, generally State governments or government owned corporations. We ask that current or prospective suppliers or tenderers declare any conflicts of interest upfront and that they don’t engage in any form of gift giving or hospitality, as this would jeopardise the overall process and be contrary to VenuesLive’s own procurement standards.

For more information regarding the procurement for each of VenuesLive’s venues, please click on the links below.