Our Story

At VenuesLive, food is our passion and our purpose. Every event or hospitality occasion we deliver is crafted to give you and your guests an outstanding experience. We have changed the game to deliver exceptional experiences every time a guest steps through our doors.

VenuesLive delivers more than 1000 bespoke events annually – from private dinners to gala events, cocktail parties and conferences. We’ve been entrusted with every event imaginable – from Olympic and Paralympic Games events, global sporting event functions, to national campaign launches, business, charity and community lunches and dinners, even weddings and engagements.

We believe in fresh food

It’s our promise that, wherever we can, our products are produced in house, in our own kitchens, by our own chefs, using locally sourced produce.

We know freshness is intrinsically linked to quality. And we’ve built relationships with local suppliers which means we can be at the forefront of purchasing the freshest and best produce to serve our customers.

We embrace a seasonal menu

For our food to be fresh, we choose to embrace the seasonal produce.

From summer to winter menus – at the heart of our operation lies a passion to deliver innovative, delicious and Australian menus that focus on seasonal ingredients.

Talented and accomplished

Our chefs are passionate and dedicated and have made a career out of being the best in the business. They come from some of the most well-known international venues and bring with them experience from across the globe to make our venues the best in Australia.

We partner with local industry leading food icons, like Matt Moran to ensure our culinary experience continues to evolve, excite and exceed all expectations and suit every client need.

We are as local as the food we serve

We know our venues are the heart of the community and we work with and support local suppliers to bring their produce directly to the tables of our guests.

From the growers who produce the vegetables we serve, to the farmers who raise the cattle, to the butchers who process it – we know our suppliers by their first names.

Sustainability is woven into our operations

At every step we aim to minimise the impact of our operations by making clean, smart, ethical and sustainable purchasing, planning and operational decisions.

From ensuring our locally sourced fresh produce decreases our carbon footprint, to community education and recycling campaigns for our staff and people visiting our venues – we know we can make a difference.